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London Dry Cleaners is the leading provider of dry cleaning and laundry services to office buildings in London. We provide a Monday to Friday same day dry cleaning and laundry service to large office buildings in London such as Tower 42, Broadgate Tower, 99 Bishopsgate, Beaufort House and many others. We work closely with the management teams to ensure that we provide the best possible service to the tenants. Where turnover warrants it, we have a member of our trained staff servicing the tenants at pre-arranged hours such as in the morning and afternoon, lunch time or throughout the day. In other instances, we work closely with the concierge of the office building in providing the service. We also provide a next day alteration and shoe repair service.

It is a highly valued service amongst busy office workers. Time is becoming an ever increasing valued commodity. By having an in-house dry cleaning and laundry service, the tenants save time and the employer gets more efficiency from their staff.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact our customer service team via email to or call us on 020-7481 8595.

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