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London Dry Cleaners have several direct service arrangements with a number of leading corporations. Each organisation is unique and each service is, therefore, tailored to best meet the client's requrements. Our clientele stem from all areas of professional life including law, advertising, security, finance, health clubs and retailers.

There are several ways in how we service corporations. Where required, London Dry Cleaners provide a daily collection and delivery service. Where the volume is lower, we provide a collection and delivery service by notification. In many instances, corporations decide to set up monthly accounts in the office buildings that we service. Whatever set up is agreed, we ensure that all our clients are serviced to our highest professional standards as can be envisaged by our numerous references. Each client is allocated a dedicated account manager to ensure that we meet your expectations of our service.

We provide standard and executive dry cleaning, laundry, service washes, alterations and shoe repairs. We can also provide a range of peripheral products such as fluff rollers, suit covers, long dress covers, high end plastic suit hangers.

We can arrange individual accounts to corporate accounts. Invoicing can be provided on a per order basis, weekly or monthly. Payments can either be via cash, cheque, BACS or debit/credit card.

For larger turnover clients we provide daily traffic sheets, guest order forms and price lists with the client's logo, laundry bags and complimentaries.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact our customer service team via email to or call us on 020-7481 8595.

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